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Pain spells trouble. But, the pain isn’t the trouble. It’s a signal. An alarm bell going off that something’s wrong. When it involves the neck or back or knee or shoulder, or arms or legs, same thing! 97% of these kinds of pains are coming only from 2 things: the “structural” part of the body is out of balance, and the joints aren’t working right. Joints get “stuck” when they get overworked or hurt. This creates problems for the nerves and nerve endings involved with the joints. Now things either won’t work right, like the muscles operated by the nerves won’t pull correctly, or things will feel “different”, or both. “Different” IS the pain, or tingling or numbness or headache and on and on. Can things be not working right, but it doesn’t feel different, like pain? Yes! But usually only for awhile. Then when alarms start going off, the problems are older or more chronic – and often harder to deal with – a topic for a later date.

OK! So What Do We Do About Your Pain?

"Crooked Man"

“Crooked Man”

• We Don’t hide pain and other signals (symptoms)
• We Do find imbalances and “stuck” joints
• We Do report back all that is found
• We Do lay out a plan of what needs to be done
• And start “fixing” what we found

The pain and other symptoms tell us whether or not things are working better or as they should. If we cover them up with all kinds of medications and drugs it’s harder to tell when things are working right. The drugs can even create additional problems like side effects, and even prevent things from working right. So, are drugs sometimes necessary? Yes, but best used only as a temporary measure.

We find the body’s imbalances, joint issues and muscle problems with what we Doctors call a biomechanical examination, along with unique computerized testing procedures, and standing or weight-bearing X-ray. All the tests provide extremely valuable information about what is going on in order to help.

The test results are reviewed, and gone over with each person to show what’s going on: both right and wrong. Since results are very visual, and the exam is very “hands-on”, each person is easily able to “See” and understand what problems they are having, and why they are having pain or other symptoms.

A customized plan is then laid out to 1st relieve pain and the inflammation that goes with it. Next it will cover what it takes to “fix” the underlying problems that led up to, caused and are adding to the symptoms. It includes treatments done without drugs or surgery. It does include comfortable therapies and joint “unlocking” procedures. Many other measures are then recommended to prevent future problems and improve overall structural health.

Whether or not you’ve had a car accident, work, sports, or performing arts injury, or an everyday mishap, or…things just came on… or just hang on – getting to their cause is extremely important.

Seek out health care professionals that are willing and able to “get to the bottom” of both Why you may be having pain to best address What you do about your pain.

By Dr. William T. Norlin Chiropractor in Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota