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“For a few months I suffered from neck and back pain. My neck pain was to the point where I could hardly move it and got frequent headaches.  Since seeing Dr. Norlin, my neck and back is a lot more mobile and I have less pain. I have better methods and practices to refer to when taking care of my neck problems. Dr. Norlin and the office staff were extremely friendly and personable. They were always able to fit me in and were super transparent in walking me through my condition and the process.” – Lina N.


“I had upper back problems which gave me headaches for about six months. I had been seeing a massage therapist and taking aspirin to relieve the pain before coming in to see Dr. Norlin. Now the backaches are much less and the headaches have gone away. I would recommend Dr. Norlin to anyone who would like to have a painless approach to chiropractic care.” – Dennis T.


“Since my treatment began, I have felt less tense throughout my body and have seen positive impact on my overall well-being. I greatly appreciated Dr. Norlin’s thorough explanation of my condition. He did a phenomenal job of educating me through the process and making sure I understood the short-term and long-term impacts. The entire staff is very friendly and accommodating. They work with me to ensure it works with my works schedule.” – Gilbert V.


“I’ve had severe neck, shoulder, low back pain, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, and TMJ. I’ve had 4 years of consistent pain and off and on pain for 20 years. To relieve the pain I’ve tried multiple pain drugs, physical therapy, and orthopedics. Since I’ve started care at Dr. Norlin’s office, my neck, back, and hips are almost pain free and my activity level has dramatically increased. My plantar fasciitis is gone, I am taking no pain medications and have a much fuller life!” – Cathy B.


“Dr. W. Norlin and Becky are an amazing team. I always leave this place so happy and am always excited for my reoccurring visits. My body has improved immensely since coming here for over a year now and the knowledge about my body and why it might ache in certain areas due to some other thing… well, I now understand how my body is all connected and I have the doctor to thank to that. Both Becky and Dr. Norlin have a wonderful and personal relationship with the cliental, making it feel cozy and warm whenever I come in. Also, the magazine selection is on point. Highly recommend this place to anyone that needs chiropractic care.” – Rachael A.


“I was referred to Dr.Norlin a couple of years ago by another doctor, I’d had many problems for a long time with my back, shoulders, hips, feet, and digestion. I’ve had very good care and feel much better. My questions are always answered, and this is a very pleasant place to go! I’d definitely recommend Dr.Norlin to anybody!” – Hellen B.


I was referred to Dr. Norlin by my dentist with 12 year old problems that extended through my neck, back, shoulders, knees, feet and ankles. I could hardly walk after ankle surgery. But he got me back in shape, and now keeps me in balance, and mentally/emotionally in shape. I love my shoe inserts, and I do a lot of walking, and I’ve learned a lot from Dr. Norlin about keeping active. Great Doctor! – Joanne M.


I found Dr. Norlin on the internet, and thank goodness I did. I’d been having horrible back pain, and with it travelling down my leg. I just love his comprehensive, holistic approach, and I’ve been making very good progress with some very stubborn problems. Keep it coming Dr. Norlin! – Maggie K.


On and off severe neck and upper back pain had been my life for the last 5 years. I lived on NSAIDS to control pain. Under Dr. Norlin’s care it took me 4 weeks to go from severe pain and major limited neck movement, to minor and then no pain symptoms, and totally full neck movement. Everything about my care has been great! They took me in on an emergency basis, (thank goodness!) which was great, after I happened to find them through my insurance. I’d recommend Dr. Norlin to anyone! – E. D.