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New Patient Video Questionnaire

Please take three minutes watch the video above and then answer these simple questions about what you learned.

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Pictures of body alignmentWelcome! I’m Dr William Norlin
I specialize in functional problems involving neurology, orthopedics and biomechanics. The
brief information I’m providing for you here, ahead of your appointment, will allow you to feel
more comfortable about your visit, as you’ll better understand what we do, look for, and will
want to know about you to help with your problem.
I’d like you to answer 2 simple questions at the end of this video so we’ll know you had a
chance to view it..
At your appointment, first we’ll find out from you what your problem is, and how you would
like it addressed.
Next, you will receive an examination to determine what’s wrong.
This physical exam will include orthopedic, neurological and biomechanical tests.
Biomechanical tests check for two things: Joints not moving correctly – called subluxations, and
imbalances, or postural irregularities – we call biomechanical faults.
97+% of the structural aches, pains, etc. that people are experiencing are caused by these.
interfere with or irritate nerves and…result in symptoms like pain, or health problems.
If these are present in you, you are in the right kind of office.
If not, you’ll be referred to another type of health care provider, because we only accept patients
that we feel that we can truly help.
On your exam we will check you from head to foot – Because we’ve found in over 35 years of
helping people, that bodies are integrated systems, with all the parts playing off of all the other
This means e.g. if you have pain in one place, but not another, and that if that other place is not
working correctly, then it is influencing the painful place.
If we don’t address that, the pain keeps coming back. Not Good!
Depending on what we see on your exam, special tests and X-rays may be indicated which are
provided right here for your convenience. This will tell us vital additional information about you,
so that we can provide