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"Crooked Man"

“Crooked Man”

When I get this question from patients, I point to this figure and let them know that this is everybody. We call this guy the “Crooked Man”. After we’ve had 1,000 traumas by the age of 13 and our bodies have done a marvelous job of adapting or compensating, we all end up looking like this. So… we need to know “where all YOUR bodies are buried”. You know, I didn’t get a degree in X-ray vision so knowing what is going on with you will best help me help you.

We take your X-rays standing up. Why? When you’re standing, now you’re putting all your weight on your bones and joints. This tells us more accurately how your body is really working. If you were laying down all the time, it wouldn’t make a difference.

We’ll look at the X-rays and make sure there are no tumors, bone disease, fractures or dislocations, i.e. “The Bad Stuff”. I’ll point out where your problems are and tell you how we’ll go about fixing them. We’ll start with your pain, inflammation and other symptoms.

By Dr. William T. Norlin Chiropractor in Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota