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Category: Auto Injuries

Whiplash Care – Extremity Pain Relief…Dr. Norlin Minneapolis/St. Paul Chiropractic Clinic

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Are Extremity Pains & Injury Part of Whiplash? Many consider Whiplash an injury of the neck only! What a surprise it is…unfortunately, when this happens to somebody, and they discover there’s a lot more going on with their injury than just their neck, or that their neck doesn’t have pain, but other areas do. Extremities (arms, legs, […]

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Car, Auto, Whiplash Diagnosis for Pain Relief…Dr. Norlin Minneapolis/StPaul Chiropractic Clinic

Your Injury Diagnosis Is Important – So How Is it Done? A person who knows what their injuries are, is more likely to be “involved “ in their care. And this… can dramatically improve the chances for a better recovery. The starting point is arriving at a Diagnosis (What’s Wrong). Knowing a bit of how […]

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Car Accident Whiplash Injury Specialist: Rehab/Exercise…Dr. Norlin Minneapolis/St.Paul Chiropractic Clinic

Exercise After Injury – Good or Bad? If you’ve been hurt in a car accident is exercise a good thing or a bad thing? It’s one of the first questions we hear when our Minneapolis/St. Paul Chiropractic clinic patients ask “Well what can I do?” After getting the answer to our question, “What were you […]

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Auto Accident Whiplash Pain Relief…Dr. Norlin Minneapolis Chiropractic Clinic

 Weather Effects On Whiplash Injury Pain Do changes in the weather effect Whiplash injury pain? The answer is… Probably So!  Despite lack of “double blind scientific studies”, our Minneapolis/ St. Paul  Chiropractic office has heard so many patients’ reports of this, and seen so many “set-backs” of patients’ injuries related to these external events, it’s […]

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Whiplash Pain Relief From an Auto Accident…Dr Norlin St Paul

Whiplash – A Full Body Disorder Whiplash injuries are notorious for causing disability and pain beyond the neck. Whiplash, considered a full body disorder, has symptoms that can range from pain to dizziness, headache and fatigue. Depending on the type of collision and restraints, other body parts may be injured as well. Since whiplash is used […]

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Auto Accident Injury Pain Relief: by Dr Norlin St Paul

Are Medications the Answer? Face it! When you hurt you hurt! But is the medication you’re taking good enough? Is it helping… even a little? And is that enough? You’ve got a lot to hurt about when you’ve been injured in a car accident. Injured joints, torn muscles, maybe ligaments. Possibly a herniated disc. The […]

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Pain Relief From Auto Accidents: How Long Does It Take?

When you hurt, there’s nothing more important than having it stop! How long that takes will be determined by first knowing what is injured. Behind the back pain, neck pain, headache pain, arm or leg pain that you know, there are many possible body parts that can be involved. When it comes to car accidents […]

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Auto Accident Pain Relief: Where Is The Pain Coming From?

So, you’ve been in a car accident. You’re suffering with neck pain – “Whiplash”, back pain, arm or leg pain. Maybe even jaw (TMJ) pain and headache, rib pain, feet, knees, shoulders or hand pain. You name it, and it can be hurt and hurting. Where injuries happen, and often as a result…pain, to people […]

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