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We humans have been making and consuming cheese, plain yogurt and other fermented dairy products for more than 8000 years, yet there continues to be much controversy over whether they  are healthful or harmful. Watch this video now and find out whether dairy products are right for you.

Let’s Straighten Out The Controversy About Dairy Consumtion

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Humans have made fermented dairy products such as cheese and plain yogurt for more than 8000 years, yet there continues to be much controversy over whether dairy products are healthful or harmful.

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There is growing evidence supporting fermented dairy products as being far more healthful than regular milk which is a high sugar beverage.

What makes milk less healthful than its fermented counterparts?

Milk, butter and cream contain large amounts of the pro-inflammatory sugar, galactose.

Galactose can cause inflammation that damages cells. Galactose also out ranks saturated fats in causing obesity.

Aged cheeses and yogurt contain almost no galactose because fermentation destroys the galactose.

Cheese and yogurt (with no added sugar) have been shown to lower high blood sugar and insulin and have not been associated with increased risk for heart attacks or diabetes.

Several studies have shown that cheese reduces blood levels of the “bad” LDL cholesterol when compared to butter with the same fat content.

Just like everything else, if cheese and other fermented dairy products are eaten in moderation combined with a diet including organic fruits and vegetable and regular exercise, you will have the winning formula for a healthy and happy life.

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