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Everyone has an opinion about whether to eat before a workout. So what do serious exercisers do? What does the science say? Watch this video now to find out what you should do and the reason why.

Eating Before Exercise

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Eating before high-intensity exercise or competition causes your body to:
• burn more carbohydrates during exercise, and
• digest, absorb, and metabolize more of the carbohydrates you eat after exercising.

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When lying in bed, your muscles get most of their energy from fat, but when you are involved in a high-intensity sport, your muscles obtain almost all of their energy from carbohydrates (sugar).

Most people, no matter their size, have enough fat in their body to supply them with energy for weeks.

However, you have only a very small supply of sugar in your body, stored primarily in your liver and muscles.

After an intense workout, your muscles and liver use up most of the sugar stored in them.

So, in order to recover quickly, it is important to replenish the sugar in your muscles and liver with an ‘after-work out meal’.

Most serious exercisers and competitive athletes eat within three hours before an intense workout or competition for best performance.

And eating breakfast before a workout helps you process the sugar in your ‘after-work out meal’ faster, which will help you recover faster.

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