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With over 500 energy drink products on the market today, the energy drink industry is a multibillion dollar global business. So, do the benefits of consuming energy drinks outweigh the risks? Watch this video now to find out what the research says about energy drinks, how effective they are and how dangerous they can be.

Are There Benefits to Energy Drinks?

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The energy drink industry is a multibillion dollar global business with over 500 energy drink products on the market today.

Red Bull is one of the most popular and studied of the energy drinks.

One can was found to elevate blood pressure 3 to 4 points, which increases your risk of dying from a stroke by 20% and dying from a heart attack by 12%.

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Energy drinks may also impair artery function.

One big can of Monster Energy drink results in a significant drop in an arteries’ ability to relax normally within 90 minutes.

There are cases of young people suffering cardiac arrest after consuming just 3 cans back-to-back.

What about for athletes?

Energy drinks were originally marketed for athletes and 80% of college athletes reportedly drink them.

However, studies reveal no change in athletic performance, but they do raise resting blood pressure.

Whereas vegetables likes beets and greens, improve athletic performance and reduce blood pressure at the same time.

So, do the benefits of consuming energy drinks outweigh the risks?

Unfortunately, energy drinks appear to have no therapeutic benefit.

A great start to a happy, healthy and energetic life is by eating a well balanced diet including organic fruits and vegetable and getting regular exercise.

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