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Should your focus be on diet, exercise or both, with nearly 70% of people wanting to lose 10 pounds or more? Watch this video now and learn where your focus should be. Plus, 5 great tips to speed up your weight loss.

Eat Better And Move

Hi! I’m Dr William Norlin. I’m your Mpls/St. Paul Chiropractor and your source of everything health. I found a great article that I’d like to share with you about which is most effective for weight loss: diet or exercise? If you have any questions about this information, or anything else that is a health goal or challenge for you or someone you may know, feel free to me a call at 612 724-4647. OK! Let’s get started!

With nearly 70% of people wanting to lose 10 pounds or more, should their focus be on diet, exercise or both?

When it comes to weight loss, 80% of your focus should be on what you eat and 20% on how much you exercise.

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To achieve a healthier lifestyle and shed those unwanted pounds, consider these five tips that combine both diet and exercise.

  1. Eat more often: Eating smaller meals every 3 hours keeps you feeling full, controls blood sugar and helps boost metabolism. Combine frequent small meal days with days of intermittent fasting.
  2. Watch portions: Learning portion control is key to losing weight.
  3. Eat your vegetables: Vegetables are low in calories, high in filling fiber and loaded with nutrients,
  4. Drink more water: A study found that when people drank 6 cups (48 ounces) of cold water, they increased their resting calorie burn by up to 50 calories each day.
  5. Get moving: Strive for 30 minutes of exercise each day, with the goal of building up to 60 minutes.

The key to meeting your weight loss and health goals is to make sustainable lifestyle changes.

By focusing on eating better and moving more will place you on a path to better health.

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