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Very few people actually know what they are, but almost everybody has them. They come just as you are falling asleep or sometimes happen while you are in a deep sleep. If you don’t know what a hypnagogic jerk is, then you have to watch this video.

What Causes Hypnagogic Jerks?

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Hypnagogic jerks also known as sleep starts or hypnic jerks are those strong, sudden, and brief contractions of the body’s muscles occurring just as you drift off to sleep.

These involuntary muscle twitches resemble the jump you may experience when you are startled.

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Research suggests up to 70% of individuals experience hypnagogic jerks, yet it is not clear why these contractions occur.

Research into hypnagogic jerks is limited, but several theories exist.

Some possible causes of hypnagogic jerks include:

Anxiety and stress. Anxious thoughts or stress and worry may keep your brain active, causing it to send out “alert” signals as you are dozing or even while you are asleep.

Stimulants. Caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol can all impact your body’s ability to fall asleep. These chemicals can also prevent your brain from reaching deep sleep and instead startle your brain from time to time.

Exercise. Daily physical activity too close to bedtime may make you more likely to experience ‘sleep starts’.

Sleep deprivation. Sleep disturbances and poor sleep habits may be linked to hypnagogic jerks.

Taking time to relax before bed may help reduce how often you experience hypnagogic jerks. 

Making some healthy changes to your daily routine may set you up for better sleep at night.

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