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Clinical guidelines recommending a non-pharmacological approach as the first-line of treatment for back pain, with opioids only as the very last treatment option was recently published by the American College of Physicians . Watch this video now to find out why Chiropractic care should be your first line of defense.

Chiropractic Reduces Opioid Use by 55% in Low Back Pain

Hi! I’m Dr William Norlin. I’m your Mpls/St. Paul Chiropractor and your source of everything health. I found a great piece looking at the positive impact chiropractic care is having on reducing opioid use for lower back pain that I’d like to share with you.

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Approximately 59% of all opioid prescriptions in the United States are written for adults suffering from back pain.

It has been reported that 10% of adults suffer from severe chronic pain with back pain making up over 25% of all occupational disability injuries.

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Chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts longer than 6 months after healing from the original injury.

Patients who suffer with chronic pain also experience depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances and decision-making abnormalities, all contributing to a diminished quality of life.

The American College of Physicians recently published clinical guidelines recommending a non-pharmacological approach as the first-line of treatment for back pain, with opioids only as the very last treatment option.

Systematic reviews and meta-analysis findings supported spinal manipulation for treatment of acute low back pain provides the clinical benefit equivalent to NSAID’s, without the serious side affects.

Spinal manipulation was also shown to be an effective treatment for chronic low back pain.

Evidenced based results verify chiropractic outcomes exceed those of physical therapy and medicine, making chiropractic the first-line of treatment for bio-mechanical spine diagnosis.

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