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Removing tonsils and adenoids in young children for recurrent tonsil or ear infections, and sleep apnea, are the most common reasons that doctors recommend this procedure. Find out what researchers looking at over 1 million children found out about these procedures by watching the video now.

What Are The Risks When Tonsils and Adenoids Are Removed?

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Doctors perform almost 400,000 tonsillectomies yearly in the United States.

The most common reasons that doctors recommend removing tonsils and adenoids in young children are for recurrent tonsil or ear infections and sleep apnea.

Tonsils and adenoids produce cells and cytokines which ‘kill germs’ and removing them can decrease children’s ability to fight respiratory infections in their adult years.

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Danish researchers followed nearly 1.2 million children for up to 21 years with 5% having had their tonsils or adenoids removed by age 9.

They reported that:
• Children who had their tonsils removed had 3 times the risk for upper respiratory tract diseases afterwards.
• Children who had their adenoids removed had double the risk for infections, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and eye infections.
Children who had both their tonsils and adenoids removed also had increased risk for allergies.

If your child’s doctor recommends surgery to remove tonsils or adenoids, discuss the reasons, benefits and possible side effects with them before making any final decisions.

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