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The concept that most people are fat ‘just because’ they eat too many calories, thrills the food industry and its lobbyists in North America. Watch this video now and find out the truth about obesity.

Are We Eating Too Much or Picking The Wrong Foods?

Hi! I’m Dr William Norlin. I’m your Mpls/St. Paul Chiropractor and your source of everything health. I found some great information about how the food industry wants us to believe our epidemic of obesity is related to how much we eat, not what we eat that I’d like to share with you. If you have any questions about this information, or anything else that is a health goal or challenge for you or someone you may know, feel free to me a call at 612 724-4647. OK! Let’s get started!

The food industry in North America and its lobbyists are thrilled with the concept that most people are fat ‘just because’ they eat too many calories.

They take no responsibility for the low-cost, sugar loaded, void of fiber ‘junk’ food products they are pushing on consumers.

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When you go into your local supermarket or restaurant, 80% of the available choices are foods that are considered unhealthy to eat on a daily basis.

A team of 22 respected nutrition researchers reviewed hundreds of studies, looking for dietary patterns or components of foods that might explain our epidemic of obesity and related diseases.

They analyzed studies of:
specific components of foods, such as saturated vs polyunsaturated fats
various types of sugars
• high-carbohydrate diets vs high-fat or high-protein diets
• the effects of artificial sweeteners
• foods or diets that alter the microbiome (good and bad gut bacteria)
• foods or diets that affect responses in regions of the brain
• effects of various foods during critical periods of development (gestation, infancy, early childhood)

Although additional research is required, they found that the food environment needs a major overhaul starting with the changing of food policies that will improve the availability and cost of healthy foods compared with high-calorie, low-nutritional value, inexpensive unhealthy foods.

With the food industry’s motivation being profit oriented, it is highly unlikely they will make the necessary changes so…

Individuals who are interested in their own health need to get educated about how foods affect their health, not just what foods to avoid.

A great start to a happy and healthy life is by eating a well balanced diet including organic fruits and vegetables and getting regular exercise.

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