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There are more plaques in the arteries of master athletes who compete in endurance sports than men of the same age who do not exercise, but the type of plaques are far less likely to break off and cause heart attacks. What about you? What effect does exercise have on your heart?

Vigorous Exercise Won’t Hurt a Healthy Heart

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Some recent research articles have been warning people not to exercise too long or too hard; however, scientific and epidemiological evidence shows the contrary.

In fact, vigorous exercise has been shown to strengthen a healthy heart and helps to prevent heart disease.

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Master athletes who compete in endurance sports have more plaques in their arteries than men of the same age who do not exercise, but the type of plaques are far less likely to break off and cause heart attacks.

Older athletes in endurance sports are at an increased risk for developing atrial fibrillation, in which the upper part of the heart starts to beat irregularly, however, most of these athletes were healthy and had no obvious problems with their hearts.

The fact is exercisers live longer and have far less heart damage than non-exercisers.

However, if you want to start or increase the intensity or duration of your exercise program, have questions about your health, have any specific medical conditions or have heart attack risk factors, check with your doctor first.

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