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Do wrinkle creams actually remove wrinkles or even stop them from occurring? A better question may be are they designed to make your wrinkles worse so you keep buying them? Watch this video now and find out some of the wrinkles in wrinkle cream.


Is There A Wrinkle in Wrinkle Cream?

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To date there is no conclusive scientific evidence supporting non-prescription skin creams preventing wrinkles.

In fact, some of the creams advertised to help prevent wrinkling actually cause them.

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Daily use of creams may strip off the protective keratin layer that covers the skin and increases fluid loss to increase wrinkling.

The antioxidant vitamins A, E and C have been added to skin creams and serums promoting the prevention of skin damage from sunburns and aging;

However in a Time magazine report, a study analyzing some expensive skin creams found that the vitamins in most facial creams are inactive.

Lactic acid or alpha glycolic acid have been added to many anti-aging creams with the promise to minimize wrinkles, yet all they do is peel the skin and give it a shiny appearance.They do not prevent wrinkling and aging.

If you really want to protect your skin and slow down the development of wrinkles, then a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, proper nutrition and a diet rich in organic fruits and vegetables, staying hydrated with water and avoiding excess caffeine, sugar, alcohol, cigarettes and full sun exposure are your best advice!

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