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Putting toxins into your home environment instead of removing them is what’s really happening when cleaning with commercial sprays, wipes, scrubs and polishes. Watch this video now to find out which natural products you can use that clean as good as the unsafe commercial products.

Nontoxic Cleaners

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One of the main reasons for cleaning your house is to rid it of the toxic chemicals that are found in your household dust.

However, cleaning with commercial sprays, wipes, scrubs and polishes are putting toxins into your home environment instead of removing them.

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Commercial cleaners emit toxic chemicals that can promote headaches, respiratory difficulties, organ damage and cancer.

So how can we get our home squeaky clean without being exposed to these harmful toxins?

You can clean your home effectively and safely using natural ingredients like baking soda, distilled white vinegar, coconut oil, lemon and castile soap.

For an extra antimicrobial boost you can add essential oils to all of your homemade cleaning supplies and laundry detergents.

Lastly, switch out those poisonous synthetic air fresheners and scented candles for an aromatherapy diffuser, which smells great and has therapeutic benefits.

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