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Ultra-processed foods are the cause of many heath risks from obesity, to cancer, to heart problems and diabetes. So, what is the best way to avoid these foods? Watch this video now and find out.

Ultra-processed Foods Lead to Cancer and Early Death

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Research has linked our growing waistlines to processed food, with 60% of that food being ultra-processed.

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Ultra-processed foods are foods that go through multiple processes (extrusion, molding, milling, etc.), contain many added ingredients and are highly manipulated.

Research concludes ultra-processed diets cause excess calorie intake and weight gain, strongly contributing to the obesity epidemic.

A recent French study found those who eat more ultra-processed food have higher rates of obesity, heart problems, diabetes and cancer; and are at a greater risk of early death.

Eating a diet consisting of 90% real food like raw fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and whole grains; and only 10% or less processed foods is an achievable goal and could make a significant difference in your weight and overall health and well being.

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