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Scientists now think inflammation, set off by an overactive immune system, may be the source of depression, even though treatments for the problem mostly focus on brain chemicals such as serotonin. Watch this video now to find out about this powerful link.

Depression – A Newly Found Solution?

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Treatments for depression mostly focus on brain chemicals such as serotonin; however, scientists now think inflammation, set off by an overactive immune system, may be the source of the problem.

This new finding opens up new opportunities for treatment of depression.

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The research shows that about one-third of people with depression have higher levels of cytokines, proteins that control the way the immune system reacts, which could indicate inflammation in their brains.

Experimental medicine studies found that a notable percentage of healthy individuals treated with interferon, an inflammatory drug, became depressed.

One paramount outcome emerging from this research would be an understanding of the connection between the body and the mind leading to more effective treatments for depression.

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