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Whiplash – Only From Car Accidents? vs Slip & Fall Personal Injury…Dr. Norlin St.Paul/Minneapolis Chiropractic Clinic

Not All Whiplashes Come From Car Accidents! Most people just think they do. The typical rear-end collision that forcibly whips the head back and forth is what comes to mind for most. But in our Minneapolis and St. Paul Chiropractic Clinic we keep in mind that the quick miss-step off the curb, trip on the stair, […]

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Acute/Chronic Neck Pain Relief…Dr. Norlin Minneapolis/St. Paul Chiropractic Clinic

Neck Pain: Are You Looking In All The Right Places?   Neck Pain? Look to the head, jaws and neck like we do in our Minneapolis/St Paul Chiropractic office, or a piece of the puzzle can be overlooked, keeping you with ongoing problems. The body’s structural (bones, joints, muscles, etc.) system is the most integrated, inter-related, […]

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